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A blow-up criterion for the 3d full magnetohydrodynamic equations

Fan, J. & Ozawa, T., 2014, In : International Journal of Mathematical Analysis. 8, 1-4, p. 101-108 8 p.

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MHD Equations
Variable Viscosity
Blow-up Criterion
Regularity Criterion
Magnetohydrodynamic Equations
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Abnormal tuning of the hepatic circadian metabolic rhythms in lung cancer

Tahara, Y. & Shibata, S., 2017 Mar 1, In : Hepatology. 65, 3, p. 1061-1064 4 p.

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Circadian Rhythm
Lung Neoplasms
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Absence of interaction between ferroelectric and incommensurate transitions in Ba2NaNb5(1-x)Ta5xO15

Mori, S., Yamamoto, N., Koyama, Y., Hamazaki, S. & Takashige, M., 1995, In : Physical Review B. 52, 13, p. 9117-9120 4 p.

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Ferroelectric materials
Electron microscopes
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Absolute chirality of the γ-polymorph of glycine: Correlation of the absolute structure with the optical rotation

Ishikawa, K., Tanaka, M., Suzuki, T., Sekine, A., Kawasaki, T., Soai, K., Shiro, M., Lahav, M. & Asahi, T., 2012 Jun 18, In : Chemical Communications. 48, 48, p. 6031-6033 3 p.

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Optical rotation
Amino acids
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Absolute structure of prunustatin A, a novel GRP78 molecular chaperone down-regulator

Umeda, Y., Furihata, K., Sakuda, S., Nagasawa, H., Ishigami, K., Watanabe, H., Izumikawa, M., Takagi, M., Doi, T., Nakao, Y. & Shin-ya, K., 2007 Oct 11, In : Organic Letters. 9, 21, p. 4239-4242 4 p.

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planar structures

A Built-in Reseeding Technique for LFSR-Based Test Pattern Generation

Shi, Y., Zhang, Z., Kimura, S., Yanagisawa, M. & Ohtsuki, T., 2003 Dec, In : IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences. E86-A, 12, p. 3056-3062 7 p.

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Linear Feedback Shift Register
Simulated annealing

Abuse of process under international law and investment arbitration

Fukunaga, Y., 2018 Jan 1, In : ICSID Review. 33, 1, p. 181-211 31 p.

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international law
multinational corporation
International law
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Academic Influence Aware and Multidimensional Network Analysis for Research Collaboration Navigation Based on Scholarly Big Data

Zhou, X., Liang, W., Wang, K. I. K., Huang, R. & Jin, Q., 2018 Jul 25, (Accepted/In press) In : IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing.

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Electric network analysis
Big data
Collective Intelligence

A case report of resected ectopic malignant meningioma with lung metastasis

Murakami, K., Takahashi, H., Omori, T., Uchida, O., Hirano, H., Kawate, N. & Ikeda, N., 2019 Jun 1, In : Medicine. 98, 23, p. e15853

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Open Access
Neoplasm Metastasis
Component-based Systems
Java Virtual Machine
Ubiquitous computing

A case study on seat selection at the time of arrival in a smallscale non-territorial office

Niwa, Y. & Sano, T., 2012, In : AIJ Journal of Technology and Design. 18, 39, p. 667-672 6 p.

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Time of arrival
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A catalog of morphologically classified galaxies from the sloan digital sky survey: North equatorial region

Fukugita, M., Nakamura, O., Okamura, S., Yasuda, N., Barentine, J. C., Brinkmann, J., Gunn, J. E., Harvanek, M., Ichikawa, T., Lupton, R. H., Schneider, D. P., Strauss, M. A. & York, D. G., 2007 Aug, In : Astronomical Journal. 134, 2, p. 579-593 15 p.

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equatorial regions
statistical analysis
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Accelerating convergence in the antisymmetric product of strongly orthogonal geminals method

Tarumi, M., Kobayashi, M. & Nakai, H., 2013 Feb 5, In : International Journal of Quantum Chemistry. 113, 3, p. 239-244 6 p.

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Wave functions
Electron correlations
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Accelerating universes in string theory via field redefinition

Maeda, K., Ohta, N. & Wakebe, R., 2012 Mar, In : European Physical Journal C. 72, 3, p. 1-18 18 p.

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String theory
string theory
dynamical systems
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Acceleration and inhibition effects of phosphate on phase transformation of amorphous calcium carbonate into vaterite

Sugiura, Y., Onuma, K., Kimura, Y., Tsukamoto, K. & Yamazaki, A., 2013 Jan, In : American Mineralogist. 98, 1, p. 262-270 9 p.

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Calcium Carbonate
calcium carbonates
calcium carbonate
phase transformations
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Acceleration and losses of energetic protons and electrons during magnetic storm on August 30-31, 2004

Lazutin, L. L., Panasyuk, M. I. & Hasebe, N., 2011 Mar, In : Cosmic Research. 49, 1, p. 35-41 7 p.

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magnetic storms
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Acceleration effect of thiourea on the oxidation reaction of hypophosphite ion on Ni surface

Kunimoto, M., Endo, K., Nakai, H. & Homma, T., 2013 Jun 30, In : Electrochimica Acta. 100, p. 311-316 6 p.

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Acceleration of convergence characteristics of time-stepping FE analysis for rotating machines

Wakao, S., Tokuhisa, M., Maeda, A. & Nishioka, N., 2001 Sep, In : IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. 37, 5 I, p. 3558-3561 4 p.

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Equivalent circuits
Finite element method
Electric potential
equivalent circuits
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Acceleration of irregular estrous cycle in forced running by midbrain raphe lesions in female rats

Shimizu, H. & Yamanouchi, K., 2011 May 20, In : Neuroscience Letters. 495, 3, p. 192-195 4 p.

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Estrous Cycle
Serotonergic Neurons
Control Groups
Vaginal Smears
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Acceleration of mounting behaviors in female rats by ibotenic acid lesions in the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus

Matsumoto, T. & Yamanouchi, K., 2000 Sep 22, In : Neuroscience Letters. 291, 3, p. 143-146 4 p.

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Ventromedial Hypothalamic Nucleus
Ibotenic Acid
Dorsomedial Hypothalamic Nucleus
Control Groups
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self consistent fields
Molecular dynamics
molecular dynamics
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Lagrange Interpolation
Molecular orbitals
Wave functions
Wave Function
Molecular Dynamics Simulation
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Accent stabilizes 1:2 sensorimotor synchronization of rhythmic knee flexion-extension movement in upright stance

Etani, T., Miura, A., Okano, M., Shinya, M. & Kudo, K., 2019 Jan 1, In : Frontiers in Psychology. 10, APR, 888.

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Open Access
Sodium Glutamate
Phase Transition
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Energy efficiency
Decision making

Accessibility evaluation for GUI software using source programs and its evaluation

Shirogane, J., Mori, T., Iwata, H. & Fukazawa, Y., 2010, In : IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems. E93-D, 4, p. 721-732 12 p.

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Graphical user interfaces
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Access pricing and market structure

Domon, K. & Ota, K., 2001 Mar, In : Information Economics and Policy. 13, 1, p. 77-93 17 p.

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welfare economics
industrial structure
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Angular momentum
angular momentum

A CCR5 + memory subset within HIV-1-infected primary resting CD4 + T cells is permissive for replication-competent, latently infected viruses in vitro

Terahara, K., Iwabuchi, R., Hosokawa, M., Nishikawa, Y., Takeyama, H., Takahashi, Y. & Tsunetsugu-Yokota, Y., 2019 Apr 29, In : BMC Research Notes. 12, 1, 242.

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Flow cytometry
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Accumulating short bouts of running reduces resting blood pressure in young normotensive/pre-hypertensive men

Miyashita, M., Burns, S. F. & Stensel, D. J., 2011 Nov, In : Journal of Sports Sciences. 29, 14, p. 1473-1482 10 p.

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Blood Pressure
Arterial Pressure
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Accuracy assessment of sheet-charge approximation for Fowler-Nordheim tunneling into charged insulators

Hiraiwa, A., Saito, T., Daicho, A. & Kawarada, H., 2013, In : Journal of Applied Physics. 114, 13, 134501.

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semiconductor devices
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Accuracy of 12 wearable devices for estimating physical activity energy expenditure using a metabolic chamber and the doubly labeled water method: Validation study

Murakami, H., Kawakami, R., Nakae, S., Yamada, Y., Nakata, Y., Ohkawara, K., Sasai, H., Ishikawa-Takata, K., Tanaka, S. & Miyachi, M., 2019 Jan 1, In : Journal of Medical Internet Research. 21, 8, e13938.

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Open Access
Validation Studies
Energy Metabolism
Equipment and Supplies
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Accurate automated clustering of two-dimensional data for single-nucleotide polymorphism genotyping by a combination of clustering methods: Evaluation by large-scale real data

Takitoh, S., Fujii, S., Mase, Y., Takasaki, J., Yamazaki, T., Ohnishi, Y., Yanagisawa, M., Nakamura, Y. & Kamatani, N., 2007 Feb 15, In : Bioinformatics. 23, 4, p. 408-413 6 p.

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Single nucleotide Polymorphism
Clustering Methods
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism
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Accurate floating-point summation part I: Faithful rounding

Rump, S. M., Ogita, T. & Oishi, S., 2008, In : SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing. 31, 1, p. 189-224 36 p.

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Floating point
Condition number
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Accurate floating-point summation part II: Sign. Κ-Fold faithful and rounding to nearest

Rumpt, S. M., Ogita, T. & Oishi, S., 2008, In : SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing. 31, 2, p. 1269-1302 34 p.

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Floating point
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Accurate measurement of the optical activity of alanine crystals and the determination of their absolute chirality

Ishikawa, K., Terasawa, Y., Tanaka, M. & Asahi, T., 2017 May 1, In : Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids. 104, p. 257-266 10 p.

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optical activity
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Accurate method of verified computing for solutions of semilinear heat equations

Takayasu, A., Mizuguchi, M., Kubo, T. & Oishi, S., 2017, In : Reliable Computing. 25, p. 74-99 26 p.

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Semilinear Heat Equation
Numerical Verification
Analytic Semigroup
Evolution Operator
Latent Class Model
Collaborative filtering
Parameter estimation
Parameter Estimation
Collaborative Filtering

Accurate polarity control and parallel alignment of actin filaments for myosin-powered transport systems

Miyazaki, M., Kinosita Jr. Jr., K. & Shiroguchi, K., 2013 Jun 21, In : RSC Advances. 3, 23, p. 8728-8733 6 p.

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Accurate position control of active magnetic levitation using sphere-shaped HTS bulk for inertial nuclear fusion

Ishigaki, Y., Ueda, H., Agatsuma, K. & Ishiyama, A., 2009 Jun, In : IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity. 19, 3, p. 2133-2136 4 p., 5067192.

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Magnetic levitation
Position control
nuclear fusion
Fusion reactions
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Accurate sum and dot product

Ogita, T., Rump, S. M. & Oishi, S., 2005, In : SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing. 26, 6, p. 1955-1988 34 p.

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Scalar, inner or dot product
Floating point
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A change in the optical polarization associated with a γ-ray flare in the blazar 3C 279

Abdo, A. A., Ackermann, M., Ajello, M., Axelsson, M., Baldini, L., Ballet, J., Barbiellini, G., Bastieri, D., Baughmanl, B. M., Bechtol, K., Bellazzini, R., Berenji, B., Blandford, R. D., Bloom, E. D., Bock, D. C. J., Bogart, J. R., Bonamente, E., Borgland, A. W., Bouvier, A., Bregeon, J. & 244 others, Brez, A., Brigida, M., Bruel, P., Burnett, T. H., Buson, S., Caliandro, G. A., Cameron, R. A., Caraveo, P. A., Casandjian, J. M., Cavazzuti, E., Cecchi, C., Çelik, Ö., Chekhtman, A., Cheung, C. C., Chiang, J., Ciprini, S., Claus, R., Cohen-Tanugi, J., Collmar, W., Cominsky, L. R., Conrad, J., Corbel, S., Corbet, R., Costamante, L., Cutini, S., Dermer, C. D., De Angelis, A., De Palma, F., Digel, S. W., Do Couto E Silva, E., Drell, P. S., Dubois, R., Dumora, D., Farnier, C., Favuzzi, C., Fegan, S. J., Ferrara, E. C., Focke, W. B., Fortin, P., Frailis, M., Fuhrmann, L., Fukazawa, Y., Funk, S., Fusco, P., Gargano, F., Gasparrini, D., Gehrels, N., Germani, S., Giebels, B., Giglietto, N., Giommi, P., Giordano, F., Giroletti, M., Glanzman, T., Godfrey, G., Grenier, I. A., Grove, J. E., Guillemot, L., Guiriec, S., Hanabata, Y., Harding, A. K., Hayashida, M., Hays, E., Horan, D., Hughes, R. E., Iafrate, G., Itoh, R., Jackson, M. S., Jóhannesson, G., Johnson, A. S., Johnson, W. N., Kadler, M., Kamae, T., Katagiri, H., Kataoka, J., Kawai, N., Kerr, M., Knödlseder, J., Kocian, M. L., Kuss, M., Lande, J., Larsson, S., Latronico, L., Lemoine-Goumard, M., Longo, F., Loparco, F., Lott, B., Lovellette, M. N., Lubrano, P., MacQuart, J., Madejski, G. M., Makeev, A., Max-Moerbeck, W., Mazziotta, M. N., McConville, W., McEnery, J. E., McGlynn, S., Meurer, C., Michelson, P. F., Mitthumsiri, W., Mizuno, T., Moiseev, A. A., Monte, C., Monzani, M. E., Morselli, A., Moskalenko, I. V., Murgia, S., Nestoras, I., Nolan, P. L., Norris, J. P., Nuss, E., Ohsugi, T., Okumura, A., Omodei, N., Orlando, E., Ormes, J. F., Paneque, D., Panetta, J. H., Parent, D., Pavlidou, V., Pearson, T. J., Pelassa, V., Pepe, M., Pesce-Rollins, M., Piron, F., Porter, T. A., Rainò, S., Rando, R., Razzano, M., Readhead, A., Reimer, A., Reimer, O., Reposeur, T., Reyes, L. C., Richards, J. L., Rochester, L. S., Rodriguez, A. Y., Roth, M., Ryde, F., Sadrozinski, H. F. W., Sanchez, D., Sander, A., Saz Parkinson, P. M., Scargle, J. D., Sgrò, C., Shaw, M. S., Shrader, C., Siskind, E. J., Smith, D. A., Smith, P. D., Spandre, G., Spinelli, P., Stawarz, L., Stevenson, M., Strickman, M. S., Suson, D. J., Tajima, H., Takahashi, H., Takahashi, T., Tanaka, T., Taylor, G. B., Thayer, J. B., Thayer, J. G., Thompson, D. J., Tibaldo, L., Torres, D. F., Tosti, G., Tramacere, A., Uchiyama, Y., Usher, T. L., Vasileiou, V., Vilchez, N., Vitale, V., Waite, A. P., Wang, P., Wehrle, A. E., Winer, B. L., Wood, K. S., Ylinen, T., Zensus, J. A., Ziegler, M., Uemura, M., Ikejiri, Y., Kawabata, K. S., Kino, M., Sakimoto, K., Sasada, M., Sato, S., Yamanaka, M., Villata, M., Raiteri, C. M., Agudo, I., Aller, H. D., Aller, M. F., Angelakis, E., Arkharov, A. A., Bach, U., Bený́tez, E., Berdyugin, A., Blinov, D. A., Boettcher, M., Buemi, C. S., Chen, W. P., Dolci, M., Dultzin, D., Efimova, N. V., Gurwell, M. A., Gusbar, C., Gómez, J. L., Heidt, J., Hiriart, D., Hovatta, T., Jorstad, S. G., Konstantinova, T. S., Kopatskaya, E. N., Koptelova, E., Kurtanidze, O. M., Lahteenmaki, A., Larionov, V. M., Larionova, E. G., Leto, P., Lin, H. C., Lindfors, E., Marscher, A. P., McHardy, I. M., Melnichuk, D. A., Mommert, M., Nilsson, K., Di Paola, A., Reinthal, R., Richter, G. M., Roca-Sogorb, M., Roustazadeh, P., Sigua, L. A., Takalo, L. O., Tornikoski, M., Trigilio, C., Troitsky, I. S., Umana, G., Villforth, C., Grainge, K., Moderski, R., Nalewajko, K. & Sikora, M., 2010 Feb 18, In : Nature. 463, 7283, p. 919-923 5 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Gamma Rays
Magnetic Fields

A Characterization of Harmonic Lr -Vector Fields in Two-Dimensional Exterior Domains

Hieber, M. G., Kozono, H., Seyfert, A., Shimizu, S. & Yanagisawa, T., 2019 Jan 1, In : Journal of Geometric Analysis.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Exterior Domain
Vector Field
Unit normal vector
Simple Closed Curve
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A chemoenzymatic process for amide bond formation by an adenylating enzyme-mediated mechanism

Hara, R., Hirai, K., Suzuki, S. & Kino, K., 2018 Dec 1, In : Scientific Reports. 8, 1, 2950.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Food additives

Achiral 1-Cusped Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds Not Coming from Amphicheiral Null-homologous Knot Complements

Ichihara, K., Jong, I. D. & Taniyama, K., 2018 Nov 1, In : Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics. 39, 9, p. 1353-1361 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Hyperbolic 3-manifold
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Achiral amino acid glycine acts as an origin of homochirality in asymmetric autocatalysis

Matsumoto, A., Ozaki, H., Tsuchiya, S., Asahi, T., Lahav, M., Kawasaki, T. & Soai, K., 2019 Jan 1, In : Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry. 17, 17, p. 4200-4203 4 p.

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Open Access
amino acids

Acid-base catalytic effects on reduction of methanol in hot water

Inaba, S., 2019 Apr 1, In : Catalysts. 9, 4, 373.

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Open Access
methyl alcohol

Acid-treatment effects on openhole stability in limestone

Morita, N., Doi, T. & Kinoshita, T., 2002 Oct, In : JPT, Journal of Petroleum Technology. 54, 10, p. 59-60 2 p.

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Calcium Carbonate
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Ac impedance analysis of lithium ion battery under temperature control

Momma, T., Matsunaga, M., Mukoyama, D. & Osaka, T., 2012 Oct 15, In : Journal of Power Sources. 216, p. 304-307 4 p.

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temperature control
Temperature control
electric batteries
Solid electrolytes