A revolutionary technical development to revitalize Japanese forestry - A proposal for a portable tree felling manipulator to address speciic properties of Japanese forestry

Yuko Shirai

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    First, we present issues in Japanese forestry based on an explanation of the specific properties of Japanese forestry. Then, taking the revitalization of Japanese forestry as a goal, we present a scenario for the achievement of that goal and comment on the type of research that is needed for it. This includes descriptions of the positioning and role of the technical development currently undertaken by the authors. As a concrete example of machine development, we report on the details of a manipulator for cutting down trees, “TATSUMI”, and the results of verification tests. The TATSUMI manipulator is a machine that is compact and lightweight enough to be carried by a single worker. This machine cuts down trees using mountable/dismountable chainsaws that are commonly available at forestry sites. We also discuss new design methods for machine development that were identified as suitable for the mountain forests of Japan.

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    Publication statusPublished - 2016



    • Design methods
    • Japanese forestry
    • Manipulator
    • Mobility
    • Tree felling operation

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