A vertical InGaN/GaN light-emitting diode fabricated on a flexible substrate by a mechanical transfer method using BN

Toshiki Makimoto, Kazuhide Kumakura, Yasuyuki Kobayashi, Tetsuya Akasaka, Hideki Yamamoto

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We have successfully released an InGaN/GaN light-emitting diode (LED) from a sapphire growth substrate and transferred it to a piece of commercially available adhesive tape using a mechanical transfer method called "MeTRe" (Mechanical Transfer using a Release layer). By this method, a 3-nm-thick hexagonal BN (h-BN) layer inserted between the sapphire substrate and the GaN-based layer acts as both a buffer layer for the growth of a high-quality GaN-based layer and a release layer in the transfer process. A very thin (<0.1 mm) vertical LED prototype wrapped with two pieces of adhesive tape emitted violet-blue light.

Original languageEnglish
Article number072102
JournalApplied Physics Express
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Jul
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