An explicit construction of non-tempered cusp forms on O(1, 8n + 1)

Yingkun Li, Hiro Aki Narita, Ameya Pitale

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We explicitly construct cusp forms on the orthogonal group of signature (1, 8n+1) for an arbitrary natural number n as liftings from Maass cusp forms of level one. In our previous works and the fundamental tool to show the automorphy of the lifting was the converse theorem by Maass. In this paper, we use the Fourier expansion of the theta lifts by Borcherds instead. We also study cuspidal representations generated by such cusp forms and show that they are irreducible and that all of their non-archimedean local components are non-tempered while the archimedean component is tempered, if the Maass cusp forms are Hecke eigenforms. The standard L-functions of the cusp forms are proved to be products of symmetric square L-functions of the Hecke-eigen Maass cusp forms with shifted Riemann zeta functions.

11F27, 11F55, 11F70

Original languageEnglish
JournalUnknown Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Jun 28

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