An overview of the mission and programs of the Meiji Life Insurance Company

T. Arao*

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The Meiji Life Foundation for Health and Welfare was established to promote research, education, and clinical practice in the area of health, longevity, and active aging in Japan. The foundation has four major areas of functioning: (a) intramural research sponsored by the physical fitness research institute, (b) funding intramural and extramural research projects related to health and well-being, (c) developing and disseminating health- related services in the area of wellness and fitness assessment, and (d) providing state-of-the-art medical examinations at the Meiji Medical Center for Disease Prevention. A bibliography of publications emanating from programs sponsored by Meiji Life Foundation is included below. Readers interested in obtaining more information about Meiji Life Foundation programs are encouraged to contact Takashi Arao, Director, Meiji Physical Fitness Research Institute, Meiji Life Foundation of Health and Welfare, 150, Tobuki, Hachiouji, Tokyo, Japan.

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JournalJournal of Aging and Physical Activity
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