Analysis on microstructural growth process in electroless CoNiReP films for perpendicular magnetic recording media

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The segregated microstructure and the growth process of electroless CoNiReP films were examined using selective chemical etching and heat-treatment methods. The segregated condition in the film changes with an increase in the film thickness up to ca. 200 nm, while it keeps a constant nature with a further increase in the film thickness of up to 2 μm. In the region of thickness over 200 nm, the film consists of high-crystallized particles with 20 nm diam segregating in the nonmagnetic region with low crystallinity. Such a segregation is confirmed to occur from the nucleation stage before forming a continuous film, and the segregated structure is stable with heat-treatment up to 500°C.

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JournalJournal of the Electrochemical Society
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Publication statusPublished - 1992 Oct


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