Co-operation between Vietnamese and Asian peoples in Japan in the late Meiji era - an organisation called the Dong A Dong Minh Hoi or the Ashu Washinkai. (in Japanese)

M. Shiraishi

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This paper discusses the Dong A Dong Minh Hoi, or the 'League of East Asia', an organisation which, in his memoirs, Phan Boi Chau claims to have joined in the fall of 1908. Information from Japanese and Chinese sources, however, indicates that the League could not have been established in the second half of 1908, because at that time four of the most important participants listed by P.B.Chau in his memoirs had either left Japan or were in prison. Various Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese sources further indicate that this League was identical with the Ashu Washinkai, the 'Asian Friendship Association'. According to Japanese sources, the Association was established in the fall of 1907, a year earlier than P.B.Chau claims.-from English summary

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