Comparative analyses of hairpin substrate recognition by Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis ribonuclease P ribozymes

Tomoaki Ando, Terumichi Tanaka, Yo Kikuchi

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Previously, we reported that the substrate shape recognition of the Escherichia coli ribonuclease (RNase) P ribozyme depends on the concentration of magnesium ion in vitro. We additionally examined the Bacillus subtilis RNase P ribozyme and found that the B. subtilis enzyme also required high magnesium ion, above 10 mM, for cleavage of a hairpin substrate. The results of kinetic studies showed that the metal ion concentration affected both the catalysis and the affinity of the ribozymes toward a hairpin RNA substrate.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1825-1827
Number of pages3
JournalBioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 2003 Aug
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  • Bacillus
  • Ribonuclease P
  • Ribozyme
  • Specificity
  • Transfer RNA

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