Corrosion properties of high-performance CoNiFe based soft magnetic thin films prepared by electro or electroless deposition

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The corrosion behaviour of a CoNiFe film prepared by electrochemical processes has been investigated. Corrosion resistance is very important for materials to be used in electrical devices for practical use. For example, soft magnetic materials are used as the core materials of magnetic recording heads. In particular, electrodeposited CoNiFe thin films with a high saturation magnetic flux density are suitable for this application. The corrosion resistance of the CoNiFe film is strongly influenced by its composition, crystalline structure, and presence of impurities. A fine crystalline structure containing no impurities is one of the most important characteristics of CoNiFe soft magnetic thin films with high corrosion resistance.

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JournalCorrosion Engineering Science and Technology
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Publication statusPublished - 2004 Mar



  • Corrosion resistance
  • High ρ film
  • High Bfilm
  • Soft magnetic thin film

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