F. Kitajima, K. Takamizawa, H. Nakamura, N. Sugiyama, S. Goto

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    The authors describe a new approach to custom LSI layout. This approach, called custom cell array, has a big advantage over conventional custom design approaches, incorporating custom cell array generator, automatic or interactive layout programs and a chip image optimizer. Several experimental results are shown, indicating the effectiveness of the approach. A 12% reduction in layout area size is achieved, compared with a conventional poly cell layout approach, and a 29-62% reduction is achieved, compared with the gate array approach.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)395-398
    Number of pages4
    JournalUnknown Journal
    Publication statusPublished - 1985

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    Kitajima, F., Takamizawa, K., Nakamura, H., Sugiyama, N., & Goto, S. (1985). CUSTOM CELL ARRAY APPROACH TO VLSI LAYOUT. Unknown Journal, 395-398.