Detection of suspicious pain regions on a digital infrared thermal image using the multimodal function optimization.

Junghoon Lee, Joosung Lee, Sangha Song, Hyunsook Lee, Kyoungjoung Lee, Youngro Yoon

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    Automatic detection of suspicious pain regions is very useful in the medical digital infrared thermal imaging research area. To detect those regions, we use the SOFES (Survival Of the Fitness kind of the Evolution Strategy) algorithm which is one of the multimodal function optimization methods. We apply this algorithm to famous diseases, such as a foot of the glycosuria, the degenerative arthritis and the varicose vein. The SOFES algorithm is available to detect some hot spots or warm lines as veins. And according to a hundred of trials, the algorithm is very fast to converge.


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    • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
    • Signal Processing
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Health Informatics

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