Direct conversion of methane to acetylene or syngas at room temperature using non-equilibrium pulsed discharge

Shigeru Kado, Kohei Urasaki, Yasushi Sekine, Kaoru Fujimoto

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Non-catalytic direct conversion of methane to valuable products was studied using non-equilibrium pulsed discharge under the conditions of ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. Acetylene was produced with 95% selectivity and 52% methane conversion. An addition of oxygen, carbon dioxide and steam contributed significantly to suppress the carbon deposition and produced carbon monoxide as well as acetylene. Methane conversion increased with an increase in the pulse frequency while the product selectivity remained almost constant. The selectivity depended on the composition of the feed gas. The effect of the partial pressure of oxygen was examined, and it was found that the pulsed discharge would be able to produce synthesis gas by partial oxidation of methane. Carbon monoxide selectivity of 79% with methane conversion of 76% was obtained under the conditions of CH4/O2 = 25/25cm3min-1, gap distance of 10mm and the frequency of 45Hz.

Original languageEnglish
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Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2003 Jul 1



  • Direct dehydrogenative coupling
  • Methane
  • Non-equilibrium plasma

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