Energy decay and periodic solution for the wave equation in an exterior domain with half-linear and nonlinear boundary dissipations

Mitsuhiro Nakao, Jeong Ja Bae

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We first consider the wave equation in an exterior domain Ω in RN with two separated boundary parts Γ0, Γ1. On Γ0, the Dirichlet condition u |Γ0 = 0 is imposed, while on Γ1, Neumann type nonlinear boundary dissipation ∂ u / ∂ ν = - g (ut) is assumed. Further, a 'half-linear' localized dissipation is attached on Ω. For such a situation we derive a precise rate of decay of the energy E (t) for solutions of the initial boundary value problem. We impose no geometrical condition on the shape of the boundary ∂ Ω = Γ0 ∪ Γ1. Secondly, when a T periodic forcing term works we prove the existence of a T periodic solution on R under an additional growth assumption on ρ (x, v) and g (v).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)301-323
Number of pages23
JournalNonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods and Applications
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2007 Jan 15
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  • Energy decay
  • Exterior domain
  • Nonlinear dissipation
  • Periodic solution
  • Wave equation

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