Flow control for cell growth by movement of magnetic particles utilizing electromagnetic force

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    Three-dimensional (3D) cell structures are required to fabricate artificial organ. Inkjet technology is applied for fabrication of 3D cell structures in order to fabricate artificial organ and investigate biochemical characteristics of cells in 3D cell structures. Usually cells located inside 3D cell structures get nutrition via blood vessels. In case that there are no blood vessels in the 3D cell structures, cells located inside the 3D cell structures will die of nutrition shortage. So, blood vessels are essential to fabricate 3D cell structures. When the amount and flow of nutrition is controlled, growth speed of cells will be changed. We control the flow around the cells utilizing magnetic particles and magnetic force. The magnetic particles are installed in the dish that is filled with medium, nutrition and living cells. When the magnetic particles are trapped and transported by magnetic force, the cell growth will be controlled. In this paper, we challenge to control the flow utilizing magnetic particles and magnetic force.

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    • 3D cell structure
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    • Magnetic force

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