Formation of ordered silica-organic hybrids by self-assembly of hydrolyzed organoalkoxysilanes with long organic chains

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Various layered hybrid films prepared from organoalkoxysilanes with long organic chains, based on the self-assembly of the hydrolyzed species, are reviewed. Morphological control of transparent and oriented films was achieved by cohydrolysis and polycondensation with tetraalkoxysilanes, followed by dip- or spin-coating. In addition to alkytrialkoxysilanes, alkyldimethylmonoalkoxy- and alkylmethyldialkoxy-silanes were also used as the structural units, implying that the inorganic-organic interface can be designed at a molecular level. In these cases, co-condensation in the precursor solution plays an essential role in the formation of homogeneous and ordered films. Alkenyltriethoxysilanes with terminal C=C bonds were also employed to prepare layered hybrid films. Interlayer chains were polymerized upon UV irradiation, and the resulting films exhibited a significant increase in the hardness if compared with the films before polymerization. Hybrid films thus obtained are a new class of materials and of great interest for a wide range of materials chemistry.

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JournalMaterials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings
Publication statusPublished - 2002 Dec 1
EventSelf-Assembly Processes in Materials - Boston,MA, United States
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