Generalized quasi-reversibility method for a backward heat equation with a fractional Laplacian

Hajime Koba, Hideki Matsuoka

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    This paper considers a backward problem on a heat equation with a fractional Laplacian. It is not easy to solve a backward heat equation directly. This problem is a well-known ill-posed problem. In order to consider a backward heat equation with a fractional Laplacian, we apply the N-th power of the Dirichlet-Laplacian and small parameters to regularize the equation. This method is called a quasi-reversibility method. We use the generalized quasi-reversibility method to change the backward heat system into another system. This paper shows the existence of a strong solution of the modified backward heat system, and derives L2-estimates of the difference between a solution of the heat equation with the fractional Laplacian and a solution of our system.

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