Linear slices of the quasi-fuchsian space of punctured tori

Yohei Komori, Yasushi Yamashita

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After fixing a marking (V,W) of a quasi-Fuchsian punctured torus group G, the complex lengthλV and the complex twist tV,W parameters define a holomorphic embedding of the quasi-Fuchsian space QF of punctured tori into C2. It is called the complex Fenchel-Nielsen coordinates of QF. For c ∈ C, let Q γ,c be the affine subspace of C2 defined by the linear equationλV = c. Then we can consider the linear slice Lc of QF by QF n Q γ,c which is a holomorphic slice of QF. For any positive real value c, Lc always contains the so-called Bers-Maskit slice BM γ,c defined in [Topology 43 (2004), no. 2, 447-491]. In this paper we show that if c is sufficiently small, then Lc coincides with BM γ,c whereas Lc has other components besides BM γ,c when c is sufficiently large. We also observe the scaling property of Lc.

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JournalConformal Geometry and Dynamics
Publication statusPublished - 2012
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