Physiocochemical study of skarn formation in the Shinyama iron- copper ore deposit of the Kamaishi mine, northeastern Japan.

E. Uchida, J. T. Iiyama

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This typical Japanese Fe-Cu skarn deposit is zoned from limestone, clinopyroxene skarn, garnet, skarn, garnet- clinopyroxene skarn, epidote-clinopyroxene skarn, epidote-amphibole skarn, plagioclase-amphibole skarn, and diorite to diorite porphyry. The 4D Cu orebody is in the clinopyroxene skarn and the 7D Fe-Cu orebody is located between garnet and garnet-clinopyroxene skarns. -K.A.R.

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Publication statusPublished - 1982 Jan 1


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