Producing titanium by reducing TiCl2-MgCl2 mixed salt with magnesium in the molten state

Akio Fuwa, Satoru Takaya

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    In the Kroll process for titanium sponge metal production, TiCl4 gas is introduced and reacted with molten magnesium metal via a gas-liquid reduction reaction. The magnesium reduction reaction of the mixed salt of TiCl2-MgCl2 via a liquid-liquid reaction has been investigated and the results are reported in this article. First, the molten mixed salt was synthesized through chlorination reaction of solid titanium sponge placed in molten MgCl2 salt, while TiCl4 gas was bubbled at around 1,173K. Then, the TiCl2-MgCl2 was reacted with molten magnesium at similar temperatures. This proposed magnesium reduction reaction of the TiCl2-MgCl2 in the molten state may be more efficient easier to control, and suitable for realizing continuous titanium production.

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    Publication statusPublished - 2005 Oct

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