Relationship between bathymetric features determined by a convenient method, and the water quality/aquatic organism of antarctic lakes

Yukiko Tanabe, Sakae Kudoh

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Bathymetric maps yield important information for lake research. However, a study of bathymetric features has almost never been carried out on lakes around Syowa Station, Antarctica. This is due to a variety of factors; ice covers the lakes almost all year long, and the transportation of ships/boats and bulky instruments is extremely difficult, impeding access to the lakes. In this study, explorations were carried out in the summer of 2007-8 at two lakes, Lake Naga Ike and Lake Skallen Ô-Ike, near Syowa Station. Data related to water depths and geolocations were obtained using a portable sonar or plumb line, and GPS. We then completed two bathymetric maps, the first ever made for this area. We were able to create maps that would facilitate lake study in convenient and efficient ways without resorting to heavy surveying equipment or boats/ships. An effort planned for the near future is to apply this study method to investigate the bathymetric features of more than 100 other Antarctic lakes located near Syowa Station.

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Pages (from-to)191-199
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JournalJapanese Journal of Limnology
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  • Antarctica
  • Bathymetric map
  • Glacier lake
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