Search for Higgs bosons decaying into bb̄ and produced in association with a Vector boson in pp̄ collisions at s=1.8TeV

D. Acosta, T. Affolder, M. G. Albrow, D. Ambrose, D. Amidei, K. Anikeev, J. Antos, G. Apollinari, T. Arisawa, A. Artikov, W. Ashmanskas, F. Azfar, P. Azzi-Bacchetta, N. Bacchetta, H. Bachacou, W. Badgett, A. Barbaro-Galtieri, V. E. Barnes, B. A. Barnett, S. BaroiantM. Barone, G. Bauer, F. Bedeschi, S. Behari, S. Belforte, W. H. Bell, G. Bellettini, J. Bellinger, D. Benjamin, A. Beretvas, A. Bhatti, M. Binkley, D. Bisello, M. Bishai, R. E. Blair, C. Blocker, K. Bloom, B. Blumenfeld, A. Bocci, A. Bodek, G. Bolla, A. Bolshov, D. Bortoletto, J. Boudreau, C. Bromberg, E. Brubaker, J. Budagov, H. S. Budd, K. Burkett, G. Busetto, K. L. Byrum, S. Cabrera, M. Campbell, W. Carithers, D. Carlsmith, A. Castro, D. Cauz, A. Cerri, L. Cerrito, J. Chapman, C. Chen, Y. C. Chen, M. Chertok, G. Chiarelli, G. Chlachidze, F. Chlebana, M. L. Chu, J. Y. Chung, W. H. Chung, Y. S. Chung, C. I. Ciobanu, A. G. Clark, M. Coca, A. Connolly, M. Convery, J. Conway, M. Cordelli, J. Cranshaw, R. Culbertson, D. Dagenhart, S. D'Auria, P. De Barbaro, S. De Cecco, S. Dell'Agnello, M. Dell'Orso, S. Demers, L. Demortier, M. Deninno, D. De Pedis, P. F. Derwent, C. Dionisi, J. R. Dittmann, A. Dominguez, S. Donati, M. D'Onofrio, T. Dorigo, N. Eddy, R. Erbacher, D. Errede

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We present a new search for H0V production, where H0 is a scalar Higgs boson decaying into bb̄ with branching ratio β, and V is a Z0 boson decaying into e+e-, μ+μ-, or νν̄. This search is then combined with previous searches for H0V where V is a W± boson or a hadronically decaying Z0. The data sample consists of 106±4pb-1 of pp̄ collisions at s=1.8TeV accumulated by the Collider Detector at Fermilab. Observing no evidence of a signal, we set 95% Bayesian credibility level upper limits on σ(pp̄→H0V)×β. For H0 masses of 90, 110, and 130GeV/c2, the limits are 7.8, 7.2, and 6.6 pb, respectively.

Original languageEnglish
Article number051801
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2005 Jul 29


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Acosta, D., Affolder, T., Albrow, M. G., Ambrose, D., Amidei, D., Anikeev, K., Antos, J., Apollinari, G., Arisawa, T., Artikov, A., Ashmanskas, W., Azfar, F., Azzi-Bacchetta, P., Bacchetta, N., Bachacou, H., Badgett, W., Barbaro-Galtieri, A., Barnes, V. E., Barnett, B. A., ... Errede, D. (2005). Search for Higgs bosons decaying into bb̄ and produced in association with a Vector boson in pp̄ collisions at s=1.8TeV. Physical Review Letters, 95(5), [051801].