Searches for nonminimal Higgs bosons from a virtual Z decaying into a muon pair at the SLAC e+e- storage ring PEP

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Nonminimal neutral Higgs bosons decaying into a muon pair were searched for using the Mark II detector at the SLAC e+e- collider PEP at s =29 GeV. A neutral scalar Higgs boson Hs0 can be produced accompanied by a pseudoscalar neutral Higgs boson Hp0 via a virtual Z0. If the mass of one of the Higgs bosons is between the muon pair threshold and the kaon pair threshold, it may decay predominantly into a muon pair. We looked for muon pair+jet(s) [e+e- Hs0Hp0+-+qq (+-)] and three-muon-pair [e+e-Hs0Hp03 (Hp0)3(+-)] topologies. We found no evidence for these signals above the known background level, and we obtained limits on (Z0Hs0Hp0) as a function of the Higgs-boson masses.

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JournalPhysical Review D
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Publication statusPublished - 1989 Jan 1


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