Sequential catalytic reactions for the synthesis of benzofulvenes using an iridium complex with dual function

Kyoji Tsuchikama, Mitsugu Kasagawa, Kohei Endo, Takanori Shibata

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    The cationic iridium complex ([Ir(cod)2]OTf + racBINAP) efficiently catalyzed a sequential process of ortho-C-H bond functionalization, cyclization and dehydration, leading to a concise preparation of 1 -methylene indene (benzofulvene) derivatives. The iridium complex operated as a catalyst in the ortho-C-H bond alkenylation of aryl ketones with alkynes and as a Lewis acid catalyst in the cyclization of the alkenylated product and the subsequent dehydration.

    Original languageEnglish
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    Publication statusPublished - 2010



    • C-H bond functionalization
    • Catalysis
    • Cyclization
    • Indenes
    • Iridium

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