M. Seino, H. Nakajima, K. Asama

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Connection between optical active-passive elements and fibers is very important in practical device packaging. Multichannel connection is very hard if we use fiber array direct coupling to multichannel elements such as laser diode arrays, matrix switches, and grating filters. Minford et al. reported a Ti:LiNbO//3 seven-channel waveguide concentrator between a single-mode fiber array and a grating filter with a GRIN lens. However, Ti:LiNbO//3 has a relatively low DELTA N and needs a large bending radius and connection length to expand the interchannel distance with low insertion loss. To realize compact connecting circuits, a large DELTA N waveguide is needed. The present research effort is part of a major research and development project on optical measurement and control systems conducted under a program set up by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Agency of Industrial Science and Technology.

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