Simulating quantum transport with ultracold atoms and interaction effects

Sho Nakada, Shun Uchino, Yusuke Nishida

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Quantum transport can be simulated with ultracold atoms by employing spin superpositions of fermions interacting with spin-dependent potentials. Here we first extend this scheme to an arbitrary number of spin components so as to simulate transport through a multiterminal quantum dot, deriving a current formula in terms of potential phase shifts, and then show that a Fano resonance manifests itself in measuring a linear conductance at low temperature. We also study consequences of a weak interparticle interaction on quantum transport in one dimension, finding that the conductance vanishes for an attractive interaction due to a bulk spin gap, while it for a repulsive interaction is enhanced by a power law with lowering the temperature or the chemical potential difference.

Original languageEnglish
JournalUnknown Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Jun 6

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