Size-dependent and property-independent passive microdroplet sorting by droplet transfer on dot rails

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A fully passive microdroplet sorting method is presented in this paper. On the rails with dot patterns, the droplets were sorted in different ways depending on their size. However, the effect of droplet properties on the threshold size of the sorting was eliminated. The droplet positions on two railways and the Laplace pressure of the droplets on the dot patterns allowed selective droplet transfer according to size. Different gaps between the rails altered the threshold size of the transfer. However, the threshold size was independent of the droplet's surface tension and viscosity because the droplet transfer utilized only the droplet position and Laplace pressure without lateral flow to sort targets. This feature has a high potential for bio/chemical applications requiring categorization of droplet targets consisting of various mixtures as pre- or post-elements.

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Publication statusPublished - 2018 Oct 11



  • Dot rail
  • Microdroplet
  • Sorting
  • Transfer

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