Study on human physiological change in ELF electric field exposure II -Relationship to blood flow change by vibration stimulation

Takayuki Ishikawa, Hisae O. Shimizu, Masataka Kitama, Masaji Yamashita, Junji Arisawa, Koichi Shimizu

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To investigate the mechanism of the blood flow increase in ELF (Extremely Low Frequency, 0 – 300 Hz) electric field exposure, an experimental study was conducted with 5 healthy adult subjects. In the field exposure, we feel mechanical vibration at the surface-insulated electrode. With a laser Doppler flowmeter, the peripheral blood flow was measured at the far and the close positions from this vibration, or at the forearm and the foot. When the electric field was exposed to the whole body of a subject, about 20-40% increase in blood flow was observed at the both positions. In contrast, when mechanical vibration was applied to the sole of the foot, about 40% blood flow increase was observed only at the foot. This suggested that the blood flow increase in the field exposure is caused by the effect of the electric field except for the accompanied mechanical vibration.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)O-36-O-37
JournalTransactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Aug 17
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  • Blood flow
  • ELF electric field
  • Mechanical vibration

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  • Biomedical Engineering

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