Synthesis of Reactive Functionalized Oligo(p-phenylene sulfides

Eishun Tsuchida, Kimihisa Yamamoto, Kenichi Oyaizu, Fumiaki Suzuki, Allan S. Hay, Zhi Yuan Wang

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Modification of the oligo(phenylene sulfide) chain at the ends with reactive groups such as chloro, bromo, iodo, and carboxyl to enhance its reactivtiy was performed. α, ω-Dihalooligo(p-phenylene sulfide) was synthesized through the oxidative polymerization of diphenyl disulfide in the presence of bis(4-halophenyl)disulfide. Linear oligo(p-phenylene sulfide) (OPS) terminated by Cl or Br with a high degree of functionality was obtained by a one-pot process. α-Carboxy-OPS was synthesized by the thermolysis of the disulfide bond of the OPS in the presence of an aromatic iodide having a carboxyl group. The carboxy-terminated OPS was used for the synthesis of polyamide-graft-OPS copolymers.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)409-416
Number of pages8
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1995 Mar 1

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    Tsuchida, E., Yamamoto, K., Oyaizu, K., Suzuki, F., Hay, A. S., & Wang, Z. Y. (1995). Synthesis of Reactive Functionalized Oligo(p-phenylene sulfides. Macromolecules, 28(2), 409-416.