Target source detection using an improved sensing model in wireless sensor networks (ISMWSNs).

Yongju Yang, Junghoon Lee, Jipmin Jung, Sangha Song, Hyounro Yoon, Youngro Yoon

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    we applied the inverse problem approach to locate the known source in a uniformly distributed sensor network from a simultaneous RSSI measurement between sensors and sources. We also proposed a new sensing model to calculate RSSI between sensors and a specific source and carefully considered the orientation vector of the source. We detected the original source by means of a linear inverse problem using the calculated RSSI at the target source from the improved sensing model. Finally, we simulated the proposed sensing model to verify its ability to detect the original source. Changes in the initial source and calculated results remained quite in place. Moreover, the norm of the detected source was significantly larger than the norm of any other sources.


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