Verwandlung des verhältnisses von möglichkeit und wirklichkeit: László tengelyis these über die grundtendenz der neuen phänomenologie in frankreich

Translated title of the contribution: The transformed relationship between possibility and reality: László tengelyi’s thesis on the fundamental tendency in contemporary French phenomenology

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In New phenomenology in France, László Tengelyi invites us to think about the transformed relationship between the notions of possibility and reality in the contemporary French phenomenology. To justify his thesis, he proposes to examine Marc Richir’s criticism of «transcendental Ideals» in Husserl’s and Heidegger’s phenomenology. In considering, next to Tengelyi, Richir’s revisit of phenomenology as an extension of the Kantian criticism of ontotheological metaphysics, the present study aims to develop three main ideas. First, it scrutinizes Kantian criticism of the ontological argument in Critique of Pure Reason. The ontological argument considers transcendental Ideal as a reality, with there being confusion between an object of pure thinking and one of knowledge. Second, this study aims to clarify the way in which Richir also applies Kantian criticism to Husserl’s transcendental eidetics as well as to Heidegger’s existential analytic, in Experience of Thinking – Phenomenology, Philosophy, Mythology and Phantasia, Imagination, Affecitivity. On the one hand, by analyzing Husserlian manuscripts on transcendental intersubjectivity, Richir uncovers a disguised form of the transcendental Ideal, incorporated in the notion of form of essence or «Eidos» of the existing I; this notion is presupposed as a condition of passage from the possibility to the reality of the Other. On the other hand, Richir discovers in the Heideggerian description of «anticipation of death» in Being and Time, a dissimulated concept of the transcendental Ideal that takes a form of the Dasein’s «ownmost» [eigenst] factual possibility. Ultimately, the main purpose of the current study is to show that contemporary French phenomenology intends to release itself from the transcendental Ideal, which is considered a reality that presupposes the total sum of possibilities.

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JournalHorizon, Fenomenologiceskie Issledovania
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Publication statusPublished - 2014 Jan 1
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  • Anticipation of death
  • Heidegger
  • Husserl
  • Kant
  • Marc Richir
  • Ontological argument
  • Ontotheological metaphysics
  • Transcendental Ideal
  • Transcendental intersubjectivity

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