100-Gb/s DQPSK transmission: From laboratory experiments to field trials

Peter J. Winzer, G. Raybon, H. Song, A. Adamiecki, S. Corteselli, A. H. Gnauck, D. A. Fishman, C. R. Doerr, S. Chandrasekhar, L. L. Buhl, T. J. Xia, G. Wellbrock, W. Lee, B. Basch, T. Kawanishi, K. Higuma, Y. Painchaud

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We discuss the generation, detection, and long-haul transmission of single-polarization differential quadrature phase shift keying (DQPSK) signals at a line rate of 53.5 Gbaud to support a net information bit rate of 100 Gb/s. In the laboratory, we demonstrate 10-channel wavelength-division multiplexed (WDM) point-to-point transmission over 2000 km on a 150-GHz WDM grid, and 1200-km optically routed networking including 6 reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs) on a 100-GHz grid. We then report transmission over the commercial, 50-GHz spaced long-haul optical transport platform. In a straight-line laboratory testbed, we demonstrate single-channel 700-km transmission, including an intermediate ROADM. On a field-deployed, live traffic bearing Verizon installation between Tampa and Miami, Florida, we achieve 500-km transmission, with no changes to the commercial system hardware or software and with 6 dB system margin. On the same operational system, we finally demonstrate 100-Gb/s DQPSK encoding on a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and the transmission of real-time video traffic.

ジャーナルJournal of Lightwave Technology
出版物ステータスPublished - 2008 10 15

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    Winzer, P. J., Raybon, G., Song, H., Adamiecki, A., Corteselli, S., Gnauck, A. H., Fishman, D. A., Doerr, C. R., Chandrasekhar, S., Buhl, L. L., Xia, T. J., Wellbrock, G., Lee, W., Basch, B., Kawanishi, T., Higuma, K., & Painchaud, Y. (2008). 100-Gb/s DQPSK transmission: From laboratory experiments to field trials. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 26(20), 3388-3402. https://doi.org/10.1109/JLT.2008.925710