1.5 Minute-synthesis of continuous graphene films by chemical vapor deposition on Cu foils rolled in three dimensions

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We report a high-productivity chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process of graphene by extending the reaction field to three dimensions (3D) and shortening the CVD time to a few minutes. A large Cu foil (5 × 30 cm 2 ) is rolled up and set in a small reactor (3.4 cm in diameter), and a continuous graphene film is obtained uniformly in a short time (1.5 min) by using C 2 H 4 as a more reactive carbon source than the popular CH 4 . The graphene transferred onto a quartz glass showed optical transmittances of 94.8–96.7% (550 nm) with sheet resistances of 0.78–1.68 kΩ sq −1 (without doping) and 0.3 kΩ sq −1 (with doping by HNO 3 vapor). Compared with the previous reports for fast and/or large-scale CVD, our method realized similarly high productivity of 100 cm 2 min −1 based on the CVD time despite of the small reactor, and higher productivity of 0.03 cm 2 -graphene per cm 3 -reactor per minute based on the reactor volume and total time for high temperature processing (15 min for heating, 1 min for annealing, and 1.5 min for CVD). The knowledge obtained here on the CVD conditions and packing ratio of Cu foils (0.55 cm 2 per cm 3 -reactor) is reusable for designing large-scale graphene production processes.

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