1MT-2000 standards: Network aspects

Raj Pandya, Davide Grillo, Edgar Lycksell, Philippe Mieybégué, Hideo Okinaka, Masami Yabusaki

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This article provides a summary of ongoing standardization activity in the ITU-T on various network aspects of IMT-2000. Study Group 11 is the lead study group on IMT-2000 in the ITU-T and is currently addressing the functional architecture, signaling requirements, and protocols for IMT-2000. The various other study groups in the ITU-T are also actively contributing to the IMT-2000 standardization effort in such key areas as services; numbering and identities; performance and service quality; security requirements and mechanisms; audio, video, and data compression techniques; and network management.

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    Pandya, R., Grillo, D., Lycksell, E., Mieybégué, P., Okinaka, H., & Yabusaki, M. (1997). 1MT-2000 standards: Network aspects. IEEE Personal Communications, 4(4), 20-29. https://doi.org/10.1109/98.612274