A malicious behavior analysis based Cyber-I birth

Jie Wen*, Jianhua Ma, Runhe Huang, Qun Jin, Jian Chen, Benxiong Huang, Ning Zhong


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Cyber-Individual (Cyber-I) is the digital counterpart of an individual in the real world, which aims at systematically studying and developing comprehensive individual human modeling and its associated applications. The ultimate goal of this research is to create a digital clone for each individual and to provide active desirable services. We present a part of our research work focusing on examining the basic system architecture and the birth process of Cyber-I from a security perspective. In this study, a customized honeypot is used to record multidimensional data Cyber-I is constructed for a corresponding invader. Further, assembling a Cyber-I with associated CI-Applications enables aninvader having more behaviors in the honeypot and provides a possible chance to prolong activities of the invader, which complements a loop mechanism to feed Cyber-I for its growth. The preliminary result in this paper reveals that appropriate authorization and controls are extremely necessary to prevent Cyber-I from being maliciously used and to ensure privacy of its real individual in building an open Cyber-I platform.

ジャーナルJournal of Intelligent Manufacturing
出版ステータスPublished - 2014 2月

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