A psychosomatic study on adult patients with atopic dermatitis (2nd report) - An evaluation on relationship among eosinophils, IgE, LDH values, and psychological indices

K. Kawahara, H. Yamamoto, S. Ebana, K. Tsukui, A. Sasaki, I. Kato, H. Mukai, H. Kumano

研究成果: Article


Forty-eight adult patients with atopic dermatitis (AD) were compared among the groups classified by its severity and course on peripheral blood, blood chemistry, and serological indices. Those indices included eosinophils (Eo), immunogloblin E (IgE), and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH). Moreover, some psychological indices were examined, including Cornell Medical Index (CMI), Tokyo University Egogram (TEG), etc. Then the correlation between the scores of psychological indices and Eo, IgE, and LDH values was examined respectively. We also evaluated the correlation within Eo, IgE, LDH values. Peripheral blood, blood chemistry, and serological examination revealed that Eo, IgE, and LDH values were elevated consequently. IgE was especially elevated to 4,285±4.1 IU/m/(mean±SD) in comparison with its standard value (165 IU/ml or less). Three groups classified by its severity (mild, moderate, severe) were compared by using one-way analysis of the variance (ANOVA) on Eo, IgE, and LDH values. As a result, IgE and LDH values of the severe group were both significantly highest (p=0.004, p=0.036). No significant results were obtained although the rest of three groups classified by its course (child onset type, temporarily remitted but exacerbated type, adult onset type) were also compared. We also found a significant negative correlation between IgE value and some CMI scores. We explained this reasons as follows; 1) stress loading could connect with immunosuppression of IgE, 2) it is possible that subjective physical and psychological symptoms that subjects complained of might be reduced because severe AD patients who show elevation of IgE value scratch their skin hard and they can evaporate their stress. On the other hand, we also found a negative correlation between LDH value and 'A' score of TEG (r = - 0.407, p = 0.021). Moreover, we obtained significant positive correlations between IgE value and LDH value (r=0.414, p=0.007), and between Eo and LDH value (r=0.374, p=0.002), respectively.

ジャーナルJapanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine
出版物ステータスPublished - 1997 1 1


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