A study on motion estimation using block matching for spatially periodic patterns

Jun Ichi Kimura, Naohisa Komatsu, Jiro Katto, Mei Kodama

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An accurate (reliable) motion estimation (ME) algorithm using block matching for sequences including spatially periodic patterns is proposed and evaluated in comparison to conventional algorithms. Mismatch between accurate motion vectors (MVs) and MVs obtained by block matching (BM) which minimizes BM distortion is evaluated. BM distortion caused by MV sampling error (DVSE), which causes ME errors, is discovered. A new ME algorithm which uses the maximum value of DVSE (maxDVSE) is proposed. As for the proposed algorithm, maxDVSE is calculated for each block as a threshold of accurate vector candidates, and all candidate vectors for each block in a frame are stored. Accurate vectors are selected from the candidate vectors by finding so-called "anchor vectors" (namely, vectors at a unique point on spatially periodic patterns). The MVs are selected in a process starting from one block and propagated to neighboring blocks. Simulations are performed and the results show that average precision of the proposed ME algorithm is 98.9%, which is superior to that of other conventional algorithms.

ジャーナルITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications
出版ステータスPublished - 2015

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