A Value Evaluation Method based on "S-curve analysis"

Manabu Sawaguchi*


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The purpose of this paper is to propose the" Value Evaluation Method(VEM)" based on" Future-oriented thinking" to measure the" Value " for the products, which are designed through VE/VM activities, from the point of view in "Evolution Towards Increased Value " as a feature about VE/VM activities. In order to give customers (especially, high-end customers) highly-valued products, companies have to chase their "Ideal Final Result (IFR)". IFR means "Ultimate Value (UV)". Because of these factors, in this paper, we want to suggest the implication of "Value in VE/VM" be broadly interpreted. That is to say, "Required Functions (RFs=∑RF)" shown at numerator mean positive parameter ("Plus" direction is better) like speed of car, resolution image of camera and so on, which is called "Performance". At the other extreme, "Harmful Effects (HEs=IHE)" shown at denominator mean negative parameters ("Zero" direction is better) like weight, space, noise, cost and so on. Therefore, we developed the expression for Value Index (VI) as " VI = ∑RF /∑HE ". VEM to be built here is to measure the "Value of Products" rationally from the standpoint of "Future-oriented thinking" based on "S-curve analysis ". To begin with, I would like to introduce the features of the proposed VEM. The basic concept of VEM is based on "Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)". To put it concretely, it is devised to evaluate "Value" from various aspects corresponding to not only RFs (such as product design parameters) but also HEs (such as side effects with realization of functions). Based on the "Hierarchy Structure Diagrams (HSD)" showing the relationship between a series of RFs and HEs in an object product, VEM is able to measure its VI. In the latter half of this paper, I would like to consider the effectiveness of proposed VEM through one case example.

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