Advanced information-guided surgery by integration of data from different modality

Y. Muragaki, H. Iseki, T. Maruyama, R. Nakamura, M. Hayashi, O. Kubo, T. Hori, K. Takakura

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    We have developed an operating system that provides several kinds of objective information for neurosurgery (intelligent operating theater, IOT). This system mainly detects anatomical, functional, and histological information obtained by intraoperative magnetic resonance (MR) images/navigation, the mapping/monitoring, and frozen section/5-aminolevrin acid (5-ALA), respectively. The intraoperative information contributed 91% of the resection rate and 13% of the complication rate in infiltrative glioma cases. To improve the surgical results, we need not only to improve the quality of each information, but also to integrate the different kinds of information. We here report the data integration system via the navigation to help the decision making process in the surgical procedures.

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    出版ステータスPublished - 2004 6 1

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