An enzyme logic bioprotonic transducer

Takeo Miyake, Erik E. Josberger, Scott Keene, Yingxin Deng, Marco Rolandi

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Translating ionic currents into measureable electronic signals is essential for the integration of bioelectronic devices with biological systems. We demonstrate the use of a Pd/PdHx electrode as a bioprotonic transducer that connects H+ currents in solution into an electronic signal. This transducer exploits the reversible formation of PdHx in solution according to PdH虠Pd + H+ + e-, and the dependence of this formation on solution pH and applied potential. We integrate the protonic transducer with glucose dehydrogenase as an enzymatic and gate for glucose and NAD+. PdHx formation and associated electronic current monitors the output drop in pH, thus transducing a biological function into a measurable electronic output.

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出版物ステータスPublished - 2015 1 1

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    Miyake, T., Josberger, E. E., Keene, S., Deng, Y., & Rolandi, M. (2015). An enzyme logic bioprotonic transducer. APL Materials, 3(1), [014906].