Analyzing of research patterns based on a temporal tracking and assessing model

Wei Liang, Qun Jin*, Zixian Lu, Min Wu, Chunhua Hu


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    Scientific research works conducted by researchers spread all over the world in every research field, which are hard to be tracked and quantified. Although there are many research works focused on scientific community discovery and researcher profiling, it is still a big challenge to track the research patterns and assess the research development for an individual researcher or a research group over time. In this study, we seek to model researchers’ scientific activities and quantify their outcome during their research career. A temporal tracking and assessing model is introduced to represent the research development and quantify the scientific outcome for both an individual and a group along the time. Based on our model, a research topic analyzing approach is developed to extract the topics covered by a research group for the research pattern analysis. Furthermore, a latent research pattern discovering approach is proposed to depict how a research group’s research works contributed by its members are discovered and visualized. The effectiveness of our approach is evaluated based on a real academic dataset.

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    出版ステータスPublished - 2016 11月 1

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