Application of ultrasonic irradiation to micro-bubble flotation

Yang Geng, Natsuko Kuroki, Shuji Owada

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    Micro-bubble flotation is considered to be an ideal method for the separation of fine or ultra-fine particles, which are difficult to be separated with conventional flotation and other solid separation technologies. Micro-bubble flotation can increase the probability of bubble-particle collision more than conventional milli-bubble flotation. However, there are also some problems. For example, it is known that the rising velocity of micro-bubble is quite low; therefore, the flotation rate reduces. And also, the bubble-particle adhesion probability becomes lower than that of milli-bubble flotation, which is proved in our prior research. In this paper, we applied ultrasonic irradiation to the micro-bubble flotation system in order to solve the above problems and focused on the bubblebubble and bubble-particle interactions. For clarifying the behavior of bubble-bubble interaction, bubbles behavior was recorded by high-speed camera under irradiation of various ultrasonic frequencies. As a result, in the case of bubble-bubble interaction, it is proved that bubbles are highly coalesced by ultrasonic irradiation especially in the lower frequency and it can enhance more precise separation. In the case of bubble-particle behavior, it is found that the floatability become higher with the ultrasonic irradiation of higher frequency, and it is indicated that ultrasonic irradiation might improve the bubble-particle adhesion probability. Additionally, it is also found that the apparent CMC of the micro-bubble flotation under the ultrasonic field become much lower with higher frequency than with lower frequency, and it is suggested that the dramatic improvement of hydrophobization is achieved.

    ホスト出版物のタイトルIMPC 2014 - 27th International Mineral Processing Congress
    出版ステータスPublished - 2014
    イベント27th International Mineral Processing Congress, IMPC 2014 - Santiago, Chile
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