AuthPrivacyChain: A Blockchain-Based Access Control Framework with Privacy Protection in Cloud

Caixia Yang, Liang Tan, Na Shi, Bolei Xu, Yang Cao, Keping Yu*


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Cloud is a computing model that provides sharing and supports ubiquitous on-demand access computing, providing new data processing and services for many industries, significantly reducing user computing and storage costs, and improving ease of use. With the development of cloud-scale and intensification, cloud security has become an essential issue in the field of cloud computing. Access control is one of the critical security technologies for protecting sensitive data stored in the cloud by enterprises and individuals. Since the centralized access control mechanism is adopted in the cloud, the sensitive data in the cloud are easy to be tampered with or leaked by hackers or cloud internal managers. To address this issue, we propose a blockchain-based access control framework with privacy protection called AuthPrivacyChain. Firstly, we use the account address of the node in blockchain as the identity, and at the same time, redefine the access control permission of data for the cloud, which is encrypted and stored in blockchain. After that, we design processes of access control, authorization, and authorization revocation in AuthPrivacyChain. Finally, we implement AuthPrivacyChain based on enterprise operation system (EOS), and the results show that AuthPrivacyChain can not only prevent hackers and administrators from illegally accessing resources, but also protect authorized privacy.

ジャーナルIEEE Access
出版ステータスPublished - 2020

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