Block Chain Based Internet of Medical Things for Uninterrupted, Ubiquitous, User-Friendly, Unflappable, Unblemished, Unlimited Health Care Services (BC IoMT U6HCS)

J. Indumathi, Achyut Shankar, Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib, J. Gitanjali, Qiaozhi Hua*, Zheng Wen, Xin Qi


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The most burning topic of today, calls for a holistic solution that is reliable, secure, privacy preserved, cost effective Cloud storage that can tide over the turbulent conditions of the rapidly budding digital storage technologies. This send an outcry for a devoted solution, in the form of an individualized, patient-centric care - IoMT that augments precise disease identifications, decrease in errors, reduction in costs of care through the support of technology, allows patients to direct health information data to doctors,manage drugs, keep Personal Health Records, caters to remote medical supports Care, provides proactive approach to preserving Good Health, improves and Accelerates Clinician Workflows, empowers extreme connectivity due to better automation and perceptions in the DNA of IoMT functions. But IoMT adoption is like a rose with thorns like constraints of increased administrative costs, deficiency of universal data access, present-day electronic medical records. The BCT is used in the framework to overcome the security issues of IoMT through the use of latest encryptions. Furthermore, this framework harnesses the benefits of Block Chain like reduced cost, speed, automation, immutability, near-impossible loss of data, permanence, removal of intermediaries, decentralization of consensus, legitimate access to health data, data safekeeping, accrual-based imbursement mechanisms, and medical supply chain efficacy. The outcomes in this paper are (i)A systematic investigation of the current IoMT, Block Chain and Cloud Storage in Health Care;(ii) Explore the challenges and necessities for the confluence of Block Chain (BC), Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), Cloud Computing (CC);(iii)Formulate the requirements necessary for the real-time remote Health Care of one-to-one care structure, which, supports the vital functions that are critical to the Patient Centric Health Care;(iv) Design and develop a novel BC IoMT U6 HCS (Block Chain based Internet of Medical Things for Uninterrupted, Ubiquitous, User-friendly, Unflappable, Unblemished, Unlimited Health Care Services) Layered Architecture, to support the vital functions critical for Patient Centric Health Care and (v) Implement and test with the previous established and proven techniques. The integrity of the Layered Architecture is validated with the already existing ones in terms of audit performances. The results from the Layered Architecture are validated and are proven to be competent in achieving safe auditing and surpass the former ones. The technology is in the sprouting phases, it is perilous that affiliates of the Health Care community realize the rudimentary ideas behind Block Chain, and detect its feasible impact on the future of patient centric medical care. Finally, and most importantly, this paper also gives a panoramic view on the current research status, and imminent directions of Secure Internet of Medical Things Using Block Chain.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2020

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