Block system based on capacitance

Arika Yoshida, Masaya Tsuruta, Koshi Ikegawa, Tetsuya Abe, Buntarou Shizuki, Jiro Tanaka

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In order to make it possible to construct a 3D model in a virtual space by piling physical blocks, we developed a block system based on capacitance. The block is a capacitor that consists of two layers made of conductive plastic filament and between them a layer made of non-conductive plastic filament, which can be printed out using a 3D printer. This system counts the piled blocks by measuring the capacitance of the piled blocks. Due to this, this system has the merits of being simply constructed, not having electronic devices in the blocks, and counting of the piled blocks without using a camera.

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出版物ステータスPublished - 2017 5 1

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    Yoshida, A., Tsuruta, M., Ikegawa, K., Abe, T., Shizuki, B., & Tanaka, J. (2017). Block system based on capacitance. Computer Software, 34(2), 93-101.