Bond order and the role of ligand states in stripe-modulated IrTe2

K. Takubo, R. Comin, D. Ootsuki, T. Mizokawa, H. Wadati, Y. Takahashi, G. Shibata, A. Fujimori, R. Sutarto, F. He, S. Pyon, K. Kudo, M. Nohara, G. Levy, I. S. Elfimov, G. A. Sawatzky, A. Damascelli

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The coupled electronic-structural modulations of the ligand states in IrTe2 have been studied by x-ray absorption spectroscopy and resonant elastic x-ray scattering (REXS). Distinctive preedge structures are observed at the Te-M4,5 (3d → 5p) absorption edge, indicating the presence of a Te 5p-Ir 5d covalent state near the Fermi level. An enhancement of the REXS signal near the Te 3d → 5p resonance at the Q=(1/5,0,-1/5) superlattice reflection is observed below the structural transition temperature Ts∼280 K. The analysis of the energy-dependent REXS line shape reveals the key role played by the spatial modulation of the covalent Te 5p-Ir 5d bond density in driving the stripelike order in IrTe2, and uncovers its coupling with the charge and/or orbital order at the Ir sites. The similarity between these findings and the charge-ordering phenomenology recently observed in the high-temperature superconducting cuprates suggests that the iridates may harbor similar exotic phases.

ジャーナルPhysical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2014 8月 7

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