Boundary Variation Diminishing (BVD) reconstruction: A new approach to improve Godunov schemes

Ziyao Sun, Satoshi Inaba, Feng Xiao

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This paper presents a new approach, so-called boundary variation diminishing (BVD), for reconstructions that minimize the discontinuities (jumps) at cell interfaces in Godunov type schemes. It is motivated by the observation that diminishing the jump at the cell boundary can effectively reduce the dissipation in numerical flux. Differently from the existing practices which seek high-order polynomials within mesh cells while assuming discontinuities being always at the cell interfaces, the BVD strategy presented in this paper switches between a high-order polynomial and a jump-like reconstruction that allows a discontinuity being partly represented within the mesh cell rather than at the interface. Excellent numerical results have been obtained for both scalar and Euler conservation laws with substantially improved solution quality in comparison with the existing methods. It is shown that new schemes of high fidelity for both continuous and discontinuous solutions can be devised by the BVD guideline with properly-chosen candidate reconstruction schemes. This work provides a simple and accurate alternative of great practical significance to the current high-order Godunov paradigm which overly pursues the smoothness within mesh cells under the questionable premiss that discontinuities only appear at cell interfaces.

ジャーナルJournal of Computational Physics
出版物ステータスPublished - 2016 10 1


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