Cell-free translation reconstituted with purified components

Yoshihiro Shimizu, Akio Inoue, Yukihide Tomari, Tsutomu Suzuki, Takashi Yokogawa, Kazuya Nishikawa, Takuya Ueda

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We have developed a protein-synthesizing system reconstituted from recombinant tagged protein factors purified to homogeneity. The system was able to produce protein at a rate of about 160 μg/ml/h in a batch mode without the need for any supplementary apparatus. The protein products were easily purified within 1 h using affinity chromatography to remove the tagged protein factors. Moreover, omission of a release factor allowed efficient incorporation of an unnatural amino acid using suppressor transfer RNA (tRNA).

ジャーナルNature biotechnology
出版物ステータスPublished - 2001 8 20

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    Shimizu, Y., Inoue, A., Tomari, Y., Suzuki, T., Yokogawa, T., Nishikawa, K., & Ueda, T. (2001). Cell-free translation reconstituted with purified components. Nature biotechnology, 19(8), 751-755. https://doi.org/10.1038/90802