Chandra observation of the anomalous X-ray pulsar 1E 1841-045

Mikio Morii*, Rie Sato, Jun Kataoka, Nobuyuki Kawai


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We present the results from a Chandra ACIS CC mode observation of an anomalous X-ray pulsar (AXP) 1E 1841-045. This was the first observation in which the pulsar spectrum over a wide energy range was spatially discriminated from the surrounding SNR, Kes 73. Like other AXPs, the phase-integrated spectrum was fitted well with a power-law plus blackbody model. The spectral parameters are Γ = 2.0 ± 0.3, kTBB = 0.44 ± 0.02 keV, and NH = 2.54-0.13+0.15 × 10 22cm-2. This photon index is the flattest among AXPs, and resembles soft gamma-ray repeaters (SGRs) in a quiescent state. The pulse profile is double-peaked, and we found that the second peak has a significantly hard spectrum. The spectra of all phases are consistent with a power-law plus blackbody model with a constant temperature and photon index. When fitted with a two-blackbody model, we obtained a similarly good fit. These results can be interpreted by saying that there are two emission regions with different energy spectra.

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