Characterizing global evolutions of complex systems via intermediate network representations

Koji Iwayama*, Yoshito Hirata, Kohske Takahashi, Katsumi Watanabe, Kazuyuki Aihara, Hideyuki Suzuki


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Recent developments in measurement techniques have enabled us to observe the time series of many components simultaneously. Thus, it is important to understand not only the dynamics of individual time series but also their interactions. Although there are many methods for analysing the interaction between two or more time series, there are very few methods that describe global changes of the interactions over time. Here, we propose an approach to visualise time evolution for the global changes of the interactions in complex systems. This approach consists of two steps. In the first step, we construct a meta-time series of networks. In the second step, we analyse and visualise this meta-time series by using distance and recurrence plots. Our two-step approach involving intermediate network representations elucidates the half-a-day periodicity of foreign exchange markets and a singular functional network in the brain related to perceptual alternations.

ジャーナルScientific reports
出版ステータスPublished - 2012

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