Citric Acid

Kotaro Kirimura, Y. Honda, T. Hattori

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    Citric acid is one of the most widely used organic acids, and its annual worldwide production reached 1.6 million ton during 2009. It is used as an acidulant and preservative in the food industry, and also as a complexing agent in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Citric acid is also used as a complexing and chelating agent in metal treatment, as a water softener for detergents, and as a buffering agent in toiletry and pharmaceutical industries. Citric acid is exclusively produced by fermentation with the filamentous fungus Aspergillus niger. The industrial production is performed using carbohydrates or agro-industrial residues as substrates by three different types of processes: submerged, surface, and solid fermentations. This article provides a current review of advances in citric acid production by A. niger and application of citric acid in various fields.

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    Kirimura, K., Honda, Y., & Hattori, T. (2011). Citric Acid. : Industrial Biotechnology and Commodity Products (巻 3, pp. 135-142). Elsevier Inc..